Daniel Stedman - Artist

About the Artist Daniel Stedman.

Daniel Stedman has a BA Degree in Fine Art & Design from Birmingham University and an MA in Geology and Geography from Keele. He has travelled extensively around the world sketching glaciers, volcanoes, mountains, trees and lakes for the Geological Society's Magazine, which has taken him to Greenland and Iceland in the northern hemisphere, and the Falklands in the Southern hemisphere. He has sketched in South America which included Argentinia, Costa Rica, Panama and the gulf of Mexico to LA, North America, Hawaii and Figi. He has sketched oil rigs in he Caspian Sea and the Golden Gate bridge in San Franscico, he has sketched the coral reef in a glass bottom boat in New Caladonia and the aftermath of a Tsunami in Samoa, often finding himself having to sketch wearing goggles to avoid snow blindness, painting in hazardous conditions and freezing temperatures.


Daniel became interested in painting nudes when he first started sketching night clubs in Paris. His passion for his work often finds him attending lectures in London and attending many local classes in and around Birmingham. Daniel is often spotted sketching and recording the city he lives in, and can often be found sketching for pleasure at Birmingham airport and inside Selfridges, where he likes to watch the world go by. Daniel lists his hobbies as Astronomy, Geology, Photography, Sculpture and Meterology.


Daniel's own father was a Geologist who lectured in Geology and Geography at Cambridge and his Great Grandfather was an impressionist. In 2006 Daniel visited the Antarctic and in 2014 he found himself sketching volcanoes in New Zealand. He has even sketched whilst on board a Russian research ship.


Daniel's latest commission is to produce a dinosaur diarama for an exhibition of fossils for the Geological Society. He has self published many books of his work and loves to work mostly with water colours and acrylics. Daniel has Aspergers, facial paralysis, difficulty with bright lights, hearing problems and a speech defect but does not see his disabilities as a problem. 


Daniel Stedman was commissioned by Geeta Von Tease to design the art work for the summer Drink & Draw - Life Drawing Art Parties at Clover Spa and Hotel. The brief for 'Anyone for Tennis' was the iconic photo of the Athena poster girl, Fiona Walker which was taken at Edgbaston Tennis Club in Birmingham in 1976.  Daniel Stedman is also a Life Model himself and he will be joining the Art Party - 'Ship Ahoy' by special invitation to pose.


Daniel Stedman (danielstedman@yahoo.co.uk)