Q. Do I have to remove my own clothes if I've only come along to draw/paint/sketch?

A. NO. However Clover Spa & Hotel is a 'Naturist' hotel and advertises clothing is 'Optional'. However if Artists themselves wish to draw/paint/sketch naked, they may do so without judgement. 


Q. Where Do I park?

A. There is ample roaside parking on both sides of the Chester Road


Q. Which is the nearest railway station?

A. The nearest railway station is called Chester Road Railway Station which is a five minute walk to Clover Spa & Hotel and is accessible via Birmingham New Street train station.


Q. What buses can I get?

A. No. 15a, 88, 89 towards Erdington - get off the stop nearest The Yenton pub.

No. 15a, 110, 902, 904, 905 towards Sutton from Birmingham - get off at the stop Sutton Road/The Yenton.

No. 28 towards Castle Bromwich - get off at the stop Chester Road/The Yenton.  


Q. What if it rains?

A. The gardens have lots of mature trees providing some cover, but shelter will be provided. A marquee will be available for the second and third Life Drawing events. 


Q. Do I bring my own artist's materials?

A. YES. Please bring your own artist's materials. 


Q. Can I choose which Life Model I want to draw/paint/sketch?

A. YES. However there will be chairs and easles set out, enough for 10 per model. It would be great to have a good balance, but ultimately the Artists can re-position themselves.


Q. Can I bring my own food and drink?

A. YES. However hot and cold beverages, alchohol, refreshments and light snacks are available from the hotel and will be brought out to you on the lawns and the use of the hotel's hospitality is encouraged. There will be a one hour lunchbreak between 1.00pm -2.00pm


Q. Can I stay overnight in the hotel?

A. YES. However at the moment the Life Drawing events do not come as part of an overnight package. If a demand emerges, then a 'Life Drawing with accommodation package' may become available in the future. 


Q. If I only come to one session can I book a Treatment in the hotel or use the Spa?

A. YES. You can use the hotel's spa facilities on the day if you are coming specifically to a Drink & Draw event, but you will need to phone Clover Spa on 0121 350 6836 to book any of the treatments available in advance.  


Q. Will there be a break during each two hour session?

A. YES. There is a one hour break between the morning and afternoon sessions from 1.00pm - 2.00pm


Q. How many poses are there for each session?

A. There will be one long pose for each model per session as this seems more popular.


Q. Can I alternate between Life Models? 

A. YES. If an Artist wants to paint a DIFFERENT model after the mid morning and the mid afternoon breaks they will be permitted to do so.


Q. Will there be any 'double' poses?

A. If the numbers are small then the Life Models will pose together. There will be some planned specific 'double poses' next year which will be advertised as thus.


Q. How do I know my payment has gone through sucessfully?

A. The PAYPAL button generates an email to HP Saucy Productions as proof of payment, displaying only the NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS and NUMBER of tickets purchased. A copy of this also goes to the person making the payment. 


Q. Do I need to bring with me confirmation of proof of purchase of my ticket?

A. NO. It doesn't matter if you forget to bring your email confirmation with you as it is not always possible to have access to a printer.


Q. What do I do if I accidentally pay for the wrong Life Drawing Art Party by mistake?

A. Book and pay for the correct one that you want to attend straight away before the tickets are gone, then notify by email who will return your payment electronically.


Q. Will I loose my money if I am unable to attend?

A. If you email 24 hours before the Art Party that you have paid for then a  refund can be made. Please bear in mind that HP Saucy Productions will incur an adminstration fee from Paypal and your ticket may not get sold in time to cover the costs of hosting and running the Art Party events.


Q. Can I pay on the door?

A. No. Unless prior arrangement has been made via an exchange of emails. The Life Drawing Art Parties are strictly TICKETED events. This is for the benefit of the hotel's capacity to cope with additional visitors and the comfort of it's residents. However if you do turn up without a ticket, providing there is enough space, which can not be guaranteed, you will not be turned away.


Q. Can I buy multiple tickets?

A. NO. However you can buy more than one ticket but only as a seperate and individual transaction. You will not be charged any extra. 


Q. What happens if I am late, can I still gain entry to the sessions?

A. YES. A member of the HP Saucy Productions team will be on hand to take you to where the Life Drawing events are happening.


Q. Will I be met and greeted by naked staff?

A. NO. The staff wear a uniform which displays the Clover Spa & Hotel logo.


Q. Is there disabled access for wheelchair users?

A. NO. Access to the lawns and private gardens is through the Spa located inside the hotel.


Q. Are there any steep steps leading to the gardens?

A. There are a few steps leading in to the gardens, so please take care when carrying your canvas. Also you may be entering the changing room and other areas of the hotel's spa where there may be condensation and water residue left behind from the showers and hot tub making the floor slippery.


Q. Will I be able to sit down to draw/paint/sketch?

A. YES. Some garden type, lightweight, portable chairs will be provided and easels will be provided for those that wish to stand. PLEASE NOTE: There is a limited number of both but there will be enough to cover each session.


Q. Will other hotel staff and residents be wearing any clothes?

A. The hotel STAFF will all be wearing clothes but the residents will probably be naked. Clover Spa & Hotel operates a 'CLOTHING OPTIONAL' policy.


Q. If I decide I want to remove my own clothes to draw/paint/sketch will my valuables be safe?

A. You can leave your clothes and valuables in the lockers provided in the changing rooms to the Spa. Towels and robes are available if you prefer, but there will be a hire charge to cover the laundry costs. 


Q. As Clover Spa is also a hotel is there any other dress code?

A. There is no dress code that says you cannot wear jeans and trainers.


Q. Do I have to keep going inside the hotel to get food and drinks?

A. A member of the HP Saucy Productions team will assist with any food and beverage requirements. Visitors are allowed in to the hotel but access to the bar is via the Spa. PLEASE NOTE: residents who will be using the hotel and bar facilities may be naked and it is important to be mindful of this.


Q. Can I have food and drinks on the lawns and gardens?



Q. Do I need to bring anything else specific with me?

A. As the Life Drawing events are outdoors it may be a good idea to bring, sunblock cream and a hat.


Q. Can I stay for the afternoon session if I've only paid for the morning session?

A. YES. But only at the discretion of the hotel proprietor as numbers need to be kept within the parameters of ease and comfort for the staff and residents and only if there are enough spaces. The cost for the full day will be £25.


Q. Are there any toilet facilities outside?

A. NO. Access to the toilets is via the Spa inside the hotel.


Q. Will the residents be watching what we are doing?

A. The residents are paying guests at the hotel and are entitled to take a look at what is going on. Please bear in mind Clover Spa & Hotel is a NATURIST hotel and so residents will be naked. This is a safe environment where the removal of clothes is acceptable and done so without fear of judgement.


Q. Will there be any cabaret entertainment with music and a compere?

A. NO.


Q. What happens to any photos of my artwork?

A. If Arists are happy to grant permission any photos of their artwork may end up on this website and may be used to promote future art party events. The artists will be given a credit if their work is used for these purposes.


Q. Is the taking of photographs permitted?

A. NO. The privacy of the residents must be respected therefore no filming or photography is allowed unless you are taking a photograph of your work. You may with the permission of the model photograph the pose with a view to finishing your work at a later time but they are not to be posted on any social media without the model's knowledge or permission.


Q. Will there be any more art parties next summer?

A. YES. Hopefully there will be some more planned events if the disruption to the residents is kept to a minimum and the hotel grounds are treated with respect and kept clean and tidy.


Q. Is the format of the day to have a competition with prizes?

A. NO. However there will be a competition to find the artists to design the posters for next year. The themes will be 'Check Mate', 'Wartime Britain', '1950s Pin Ups' and 'Hooray for Hollywood'.  


Q. Where can I provide feedback of my experience or helpful suggestions?

A. You can send an email to


Q. Can I go on a waiting list if the sessions are full and will there be any extra dates? 

A. YES. You can request to go on a waiting list and it would be helpful to suggest some dates and times. If there enough names it may be possible to run some more events. Monday and Tuesday evenings may be a possibility, but bear in mind these will be outdoors.


Q. Will it always be the same Life Models for each session?

A. Geeta Von Tease is the female Life Model for each session but the male models will alternate.


Q. Will there be any Tutors on hand?

A. NO. The Life Drawing Art Parties are not tutored events.


Q. Is there a licensed bar?



Q. What do you mean 'themed' event?

A. The Life Models are painted within a setting which has a theme for each session. The Artists themselves are not expected to dress according to each theme, although they may do so if they wish to. 


Q. Can I purchase any artist's materials while I am there?

A. NO. However there is an a shop nearby about five minutes by car where materials can be purchased at Vessey Arts & Crafts, next to Aldi near St Mary's College and Halls Garden Centre - 0121 355 2363.


Q. How many people can attend each session?

A. In consideration of the comfort and out of respect for the residents, the numbers are limited to 20 per session - 10 per Life Model. 


Q. Who designed the pictures for the art party events?

A. 'Anyone for Tennis', 'Beside the Seaside' and 'Ship Ahoy' were painted and designed by the artist Daniel Stedman. He was commissioned by Geeta Von Tease.


If there is a question that you dont see here please feel free to email me to suggest it to 


If you don't hear from me within five days please feel free to email my Agent on


Or phone the friendly and helpful staff at Clover Spa & Hotel on 0121 350 6836