Meet Mr Von Tease

JOHN ALFRED ARMSTRONG was diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) when he was 55 years old, a condition which makes it difficult for him to interact socially with others. He overcomes this by expressing himself through his writing, where he finds that his autism is an asset rather than a disability.


He would describe himself as an obsessive sesquipedalian and a bibliophile, who loves reading encyclopaedias. He spent some of his childhood living in Australia before returning to Britain in the early 1970s. He lists etymology as one of his hobbies and is a long distance runner. John has a Bachelor of Science Degree (Hons) in Astrophysics from Sheffield and Aston Universities and is a Chapter House fully qualified proofreader and copy editor.


John's writing aspirations include science fiction and political satire. He is currently working on his science fiction debut novel - a trilogy based on the theme of 'alternative evolution'. The first in the trilogy, entitled 'Muddle in a Puddle', will be coming out in the spring/autumn of 2020. It is a story set in the Palaeozoic era about a shrinking pool and its effects on a mudskipper like creature called Mervyn and the rest of his kind who are facing extinction.


"It has been said that John's education enables him to write with an intellectual and academic authority, but his autism imbues his writing style with a delightful and appealing childlike innocence". Geeta Von Tease.


The solace John finds in the written word offers him a unique opportunity to share his experiences and perception of the world with others. Now John’s vision is to become a role model to help other autistic people find their own voice as he has now done.


An original 1950s baby, John has a love of all things vintage which he shares with his partner, the gorgeous burlesque performer, Geeta Von Tease, whom he met in 2013 at the Walsall Writer’s Circle in their home town in the West Midlands.

COMING SOON: To read about some of John's other work and to find out more about what it is like to be autistic John will be launching his website 

(Photographed by Pete Orman outside the Crazy Horse Theatre in Paris 2016, after seeing Dita Von Teese perform in 'Dita's Crazy Show')