Gallery of Past and Present Performers.



Kitty Ribbons

Kitty Ribbons is a full time PROFESSIONAL burlesque performer based in Gloucestershire where she regularly performs with her own show 'Cherries on a Cloud'. Kitty hails from a theatrical background which has led her to appear at guest spots for Jo Black's 'House of Burlesque', Kinky and Quirky, Missy Malone & Friends Revue and Madame Jo Jo's in Soho in London's West End. Kitty is a versatile performer with routines ranging from an RAF Sweetheart to a Sugar Plum Fairy, from cheeky baloon popping to a serene statue. Kitty also teaches burlesque lessons and tries to help women overcome confidence issues. Kitty is also an Actress, Vintage Model and a Miss Pin Up UK 2014 Finalist and Pin Up Ambassador. She has also launched her own range of 1940's clothing collection called 'Vintage Ribbons'. In 2015 Kitty's website was voted as being in the top five by The Burlesque Bible Magazine. For further information visit

Jasmine Noir

Jasmine Noir hails from leamington Spa where she started  her career with the troupe 'Belles Burlesque'. This is where I first saw her perform and singled her out as one to watch. She has appeared for HP Saucy Productions in the 2014 'Bhamfest' where audiences saw her polished and slick top hat and cane 'New York, New York' routine. Since then Jasmine has appeared in issue no. 7 of the international magazine the 'Burlesque Bible' with this picture.

Sarah Jane Cromwell

Sarah Jane Cromwell is currently touring with 'Cantabile London Quartet' in Switzerland, France, Belgium and Italy. She toured with 'Diva Gigs: A Week in the Life of a Diva' at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and was nominated for the Buxton Fringe Festival's 'Best Solo Vocal Award' and won the 'Spirit of the Fringe'. She performed for 'HP Saucy Productions' in my 2013 Valentines show when she serenaded the audience to Bizet's 'Carmen', speading romance and handing out roses. Sarah graduated from the Birmingham Conservatoire and did a residency with the Birmingham Opera Company. Sarah has had a diverse solo oratorio career with several choral societies. 


Alabama Boom

Alabama Boom is from Nottingham and has many routines in her repertoire ranging from the damsel Rapunzel locked up in a castle tower to a Martial Arts numchuck swinging sensation. Alabama is a little firecracker lighting up the stage who likes to take risks with her acts, which is why her props are always guaranteed to entertain and surprise her audiences.



Jiggle is a four part harmony ladies barber shop quartet. They are made up of Michelle, Katie, Mandy and Elaine. They have competed in competitions at barber shop conventions internationally and are the mischievous members of a larger chorus known as Second City Sound. In 2012 they won a silver medal in a national contest and were rather hoping that they would be asked to wear their corsets at 'Burlesque Is Back In Town'. Jiggle will be a fun treat and unusual addition to a burlesque show.



Jacques Bruxelles is an experienced and popular Compere within the burlesque community. He has his own distinctive style of humour and is often seen performing his jokes and an array of comedy 'boylesque' striptease routines. Jacques hails from Belgium and is the best thing to come out of the little country since chocolate and the 'muscles from Brussels' Jean-Claude Van Damme.



Tilly Mint





Tilly Mint is a vivacious, cute and cheeky Liverpool lass with a glint in her eye. She is a drama school graduate who performs burlesque, compares, sings and is co-producer of 'The Spare Rib Burlesque and Cabaret Show' in her home town. Her experience in comparing has taken her to burlesque shows in Liverpool, Lincolnshire and Leicester. Tilly has recently reached the finals of the 'International Welsh Cabaret Festival' in Cardiff with her high kicking, show girl, burlesque routine. Tilly is making her debut as the first female compare to host 'Burlesque Is Back In Town' - Decadence Show in Nov 2015.


Al Rudge
Satine Di Monte

Satine Di Monte is a registered, fully qualified professional dance teacher and travels the country both performing and teaching. Satine has appeared in the 'Girlie Show' in Blackpool and for Sky 1's 'Got To Dance'. She has also performed in revue shows, festivals and corporate events. Satine is a sexy and confident dancer and is known for her tantalising and dazzling acts from a rhinestone cowgirl to an Aztec with gold shimmering wings.

Allouetta La Zouch

Allouetta La Zouch takes inspiration for her characters from Myths, Monsters and Legend. Her repertoire includes the Countess Bathory, known for her lust for the blood of virgins. This routine which uses knives and features a blood bathing finale, gained Allouetta a place as runner up for the best newcomer in India Starrs 'Cabaret Nouveau'. Allouetta also incorporates a Gargoyle with wings into one of her acts which takes her audiences through a night on top of the church towers, defending the graveyard before returning to stone. For 'Burlesque Is Back In Town' May 2015 she will be performing with silk fans her Persephone act, the Greek mythological daughter of Demeter and Zeus. Here she is seen as both the goddess of spring and queen of the underworld. Allouetta takes this part of her name from a beautiful lingerie range that she fell in love with.


Titine LaVoix

Titine LaVoix is a sexy siren from Leamington who has her own salon and range of cosmetics. She has her own distinctive style and is often seen sporting platinum pin curls or bright pink hair. She has styled and created hair for many women attending the National Vintage Awards. When she is not styling other ladies vintage, she is performing either as a soloist or with the troupe 'Belles Burlesque'. Titine is a fun and bubbly character who is also a vocalist. Appearing for HP Saucy Productions in 'Burlesque Is Back In Town' May 2015, Titine has chosen to wow audiences with her 'sling and fling' routine.


Suzie Sequin

Suzie Sequin is a PROFESSIONAL and an internationally acclaimed performer. She has headlined in shows all over the UK and also produces her own show 'The Looking Glass Burlesque'. Her repertoire ranges from a classic fan dance to a bump and grind. She is a pin-up Model and her grace and beauty led to her being crowned 'Burlesque Beauty 2009'. Suzie is also an Actress and cabaret Singer where she performs her popular Marilyn Monroe tribute. She was described by the Producer of The Hebden Bridge Burlesque festival as "one of the most influential people in burlesque".



Venus Starr

Venus Starr comes from Leicester where she has her own show 'Red Light Burlesque'. She styles herself on classic pin-up icons and often incorporates an element of fan dancing in to her rountines. She appeared for HP Saucy Productions in 2014 at Birmingham Fest when she performed her popular act which sees her taking a shower on stage.

Kitty Monroe

Kitty Monroe saved the day by stepping in to Maid/Stage Manage for 'Burlesque Is Back In Town' - Showgirls in May 2015 at the last minute. However Kitty also performs in her own right and includes in her repertoire a Gangster verses Molls routine to an inebriated inn keeper's wife from the musical Les Miserables.


Rachel Conlisk

Rachel Conlisk is a professional hula hoopist with a gracious smile who goes by the name of Spinsonic. Rachel performs lots of complexed tricks with up to ten hula hoops balancing on various parts of her anatomy defying gravity. Rachel runs circus classes in Birmingham teaching hula hooping and has appeared many times on tv and at festivals. She is always in demand performing at festivals and for private parties. She has also done lots of street performing at public events. Rachel customizes her hula hoops to suit the occasion and even has ones that light up in the dark creating a fantastic floor show with dramatic effect. For Burlesque Is Back In Town 'Showgirls Show' Rachel even put on a corset to perform in.

Al Rudge is a comic magician who combines visual gags with variety, sideshow and vaudeville. His clever use of props and mime, together with his fast-paced wit has made him a hit from London to New York. He has performed stand-up in clubs, television, private parties and for corporate events. He has opened for the likes of Alan Carr, Lenny Henry, Jo Brand, Slade, Archie Kelly, John Hegley and many other familiar names both on tv and in music.


The only thing faster than his hands is his mouth’ - New York Post